patty pans

Confeta is internationally known for our baking cup which we also call “patty pans” in Australia. Cupcakes over the years have created an industry. With cupcake designs being promoted worldwide, it is an industry which has flourished in Australia with Confeta in particular at the forefront.

Confeta aims to provide bakers with diverse sizes, designs, colours and prints to complement these striking designs and provide a product that allows effortless baking without compromising on quality.

Our greaseproof paper eliminates the need for non-stick sprays and is food safe, free of harsh chemical treatments and unnecessary additives. The fluted design makes separation from the cake easy. HACCP approved makes our product stand out from all the rest.

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  • #700-Candy-Stripe-(Green)
  • Colourful-Polka-Dots
  • Colourrful-Patty-Pans
  • Pink-and-White-Polka-Dot
  • Red-Polka-Dot-Patty-Pan
  • Striped-Patty-Pan
  • White-Patty-Pans