cake boxes

Confeta cake boxes are made of superior quality food contact grade board manufactured at our premises using superior quality food grade board from approved suppliers who are able to demonstrate Quality Assurance programs and food safe certification.

Our boxes are environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, made from renewable resources and FSC certified. Only the highest quality material is used. Our traditional solid white bleached board which we call ‘Milk’ board, is made from 100% virgin fibre.

For a more natural, environmentally conscious look Kraft Liner board is available which consist of 100% unbleached softwood fibres and a base ply with 100% unbleached softwood plus high quality recycled fibres.

Confeta boxes are available in an abundance of sizes to suit every need. Boxes are available both coated and uncoated in 3 standard grades. They are moisture and greaseproof resistant and suitable for use in cool rooms and freezers.

Integrated tabbed box designs make for effortless assembly and boxes are flat packed for easy storage. Our boxes can be opened from the sides allowing the cake to be removed horizontally rather than upwards, eliminating problems removing any cake and preventing damage. Our boxes suit multiple applications such as cakes, cookies, slices, pies, cupcakes, muffins and many more.

All cake boxes can be custom printed to your requirements to ensure premium presentation of a product. Custom made sizes, window patch boxes or special designed boxes are all available upon request.
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